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The safety and efficacy of investigational agents and/or investigational uses of approved products have not been established.

DuoBody®-CD3xB7H4 (GEN1047)
Cancer Type:
Solid Tumors
DuoBody®-CD40x4-1BB (GEN1042)
Cancer Type:
Solid Tumors
DuoBody®-PD-L1x4-1BB (GEN1046)
Cancer Type:
Solid Tumors
DuoHexaBody®-CD37 (GEN3009)
Cancer Type:
Hematologic Malignancies
Cancer Type:
Hematologic Malignancies
HexaBody®-CD38 (GEN3014)
Cancer Type:
Hematologic Malignancies
Tisotumab Vedotin
Cancer Type:
Solid Tumors

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Eligible patients may be able to access products prior to approval or launch.


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